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I have a John deere 410b hoe with a hydraulic problem. It bareley moves when cold, as it warms up it moves faster. Anything hydraulic, steering, lifting, or hoe. We have changed the screen in the transmission, checked the line to the pump, and rebuilt the pump. And it is still the same. I think it is the priority valve but not sure what to check next.

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Welcome to DT, I can't help you out on this but, I know we have some very knowledgable people here. They will be along shortly. It does sound like you have already checked the popular culprets for your problem. Is the priority valve you mention the relief valve?

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Welcome to DT JL:drinks:

Usually it's the fluid itself that causes problems like this, from either being to thick (wrong oil spec) or having water in it (milky looking).

The priority valve just sends a dedicated amount of oil/flow to one circuit (usually steering) and not sure that cold would have much of an effect on that.

The fluid is clean/clear?
What spec is the oil?
Define "cold"?
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