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I have a John Deere 425 serial number M00425A055919. My wife was mowing the lawn the other day and it stopped running.

Now it won't start. Here is what I know:

- It will turn over twice and then stop. I can do this repeatedly where it turns over twice and then stops.
- If I pull the plug wires off it will turn over for long periods of time and not stop
- It has had the plastic cam gear replaced
- The compression in both cylinders is 170 and holds well
- There is good spark in both cylinders
- Pulled the fuel solenoid out and it is working correctly
- Fuel pump works fine
- Seems to have fuel in the carburetor
- If I spray starting fluid in the carburetor it turns over twice and stops

It almost seems like the timing is off but I don't know how to test for this. Any ideas on what I should check next will be very much appreciated.



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I suspect your battery, cable connection’s or starter. You have fuel, compression and spark and I have had this issue on a similar Kawasaki motor. I am suspecting it is backfiring and that’s why it stops spinning over and you might hear the backfire. I kept thinking it was timing as well because of that but it turned out it just was not spinning fast enough. It seems like there is a very fine line on some of the motors that run a hydro pump between starting and exactly what you’re talking about.
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