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Henrik from Sweden her. New on this forum.
Sorry if my writing is not so good.

We got a John deeere 4850 4wd Powershift tractor. 1987. 9000 hours.

To day i was driving and stopped by the side off the road. When i then was going to mowe on again the light for the transmision was on.
The yellow light was warning.
When i rew it higher the red warning and beeping comes on to.

I notice even that the lever to the pto is stuck in off positioning. I can only move the lever maximum a 1/2 inch.

The gearbox works.
Steering works.
Hydraulic 3-point works.
The Hydraulic remotes works.
Ther is little oil leeking thru the pressuresensor fore the transmision. I think its called RE25658

The tractor is serviced för not so long a go whit original filters and oil.

Any ideas ?

Bad Pressure sensor?

Wat is the normal pressure?
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