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This is territory I know nothing about. I keep looking for no-till drills with JD being the main ones I look at. The 750's are still $10-$15,000 for a decent one and out of price range. Rentals do not exist in this area. The one that was available appears to have been sold and father/son business have went separate ways, though will confirm for sure. Have access to cousins 1590 which will be 2 years old. Went by some fields and seeding looks questionable at best. So I would have time and money in making sure it up to par before I would even use it on top of the rental cost. Both of these scenarios don't take into account the inability to plant on my schedule.

Start getting away from my general area and see more setups like the one pictured that seem to be reasonably priced though obviously most are not setup with a grass seed box.

Would this type of setup do a decent job when equipped with grass seed box?

From what I have been able to find so far I have enough hp with the 4430 to handle it IF the 1586 sells. Some people like them some hate them but it's mainly focused on beans not for what I would use it for.

I know a dedicated drill is the way to go just trying to find the next best option in the meantime.

It would be used for Sorghum/Sudan, oats, reseeding, cover crops.
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