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John Deere 550 4276 Eng HELP!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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It's getting to be the end of the season and when I decided to build a 2.5 acre lake with my 550 this spring it has been one nightmare after another! I own a diesel shop and my techs and I are scratching are heads! I'll try and be brief;

1. Two days into it number 4 rod and main spun. Pulled engine, turn crank, pistons and cylinders look perfect....sent head new rod for #4 and new bearings back together and running.

2. A month into the project pushing up a hill starts loosing power (this is where it gets interesting). Changed fuel filter, further testing number 1 and 2 are dead only running on 3 and 4.
Moved injectors, still dead. Pulled head, thinking head gasket, sent head out....checks OK. Installed now number 1,2 and 3 are dead. Thinking fuel, no tester, pulled injectors left them hooked to line, low fuel pressure. Installed pump, same thing only hot cylinder number 4. Installed injectors and lift pump, back to 1 and 2 dead.

3. Contacted Martin Equipment, tech worked on it for 6 hours and made 30 phone calls....scratching his head (at least they didn't charge me).

4. Loaded it up and took her to the shop, compression tests 390 to 425 on all cylinders. Pulled front structure timed motor....everything lines up. Pulled exhaust manifold and turbo off fired engine, 1 and 2 both getting fuel. Pulled injectors fired with line on, good atomization and stream.

5. So basically it's in time including pump, it's getting fuel, valves are closed on TDC and has 400 PSI compression still 1 and 2 cylinders are dead.....assuming that it would not build 400 PSI without air we think it's getting air.

Has anyone ever ran into this or can give us a direction? I am 3/4 the way finished with my lake, going bald because of this machine, and spent a whole lot of money! Please help! Thanks in Advance!!!!

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