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My JD 6400 (Product ID: L06400V131378) has been sitting unused for 5 years and I'm attempting to get it running again. So far I've encountered several issues and have corrected them. They are as follows:

1. Drained old diesel fuel from tank and replaced with fresh fuel.
2. Replaced Fuel Filter, fuel supply line, and fuel return lines.
3. Replaced in-tank fuel transfer pump/sending unit.
4. Opened bleed screw at filter, turned on ignition, and waited till fuel exited bleed screw. Tightened screw.
5. Opened Fuel Supply Line at injection pump and turned on ignition and let fuel bleed from supply line at injection pump.
6. I checked that I have 12V at the Fuel Shutoff Solenoid on the Fuel Injection Pump. I put a magnetic compass next to fuel Shutoff Solenoid and observed compass needle move after turning on ignition. I was going to take off Fuel Shutoff Solenoid to clean and verify operation, but getting if off the injection pump would be very difficult without taking off the fuel Supply line.

Anyway, I opened the line at the first injector and cranked the engine several times. Each time I looked at the line and did not see any fuel coming out of by the injector. How many times should I do this? I suspect that my fuel pump is gummed up.

Here's a picture what my Fuel Injector Pump looks like. It's a Lucas and I believe I have a mechanical Fuel Injector pump system. I took pics of the injector pump but they didn't turn out. I grabbed this pic from the Internet that resembles my pump.

Looking for recommendations, opinions on what my next steps should be. Thanks for the help!

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Due to diesel having much lower sulfur levels inj pumps tend to gum up more with ULSD than older style fuel. I think you'll be very lucky if you get engine operating without disassembling/cleaning interior of the inj pump.

If I was attempting to start this tractor I'd fill filter with automatic trans oil & purge that ATF oil through inj pump then attempt starting engine. Many years ago when we had an 18 wheeler truck at dealership when changing Cummins engine fuel filters we routinely filled fuel filters with ATF oil. Then started engine & it ran just fine. ATF oil poured from quarts or gallon jugs is easier than having to get small quantity of diesel to fill filters. I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS METHOD ON NEWER STYLE COMMON RAIL FUEL STYSTEMS. .
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