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John deere 655 tiller

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Hi everyone , thinking on buying a 655 tiller for my 1026r. Does anyone know the pto hp requirement for the 655? Can't seem to find it on Deere's site anywhere. Thanks
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I would think that is a good size for your tractor, you could pull a 647 a little faster but I suspect you can cover the same area about the same time. The advantage to the 655 is it will better cover your wheel tracks and be easier to edge with. I spent the evening hooking up my 60" Howard HR4 to my x749, fitting the IMatch with a little welding changes.
The PTO HP requirement isn't shown in the JD Purchasing Guide for 2011, but for the 1 series tractors it recommends the smaller 647 48" tiller. The page for the tillers says the smallest tractor the 655 should be used with is the 3005. HTH.

We use a frontier 57" on our 4110, so a 55 should have no issue on a 1026. You will have to go slow, but it will cover your tracks.
Could some one give me the length of the PTO on a John Deere 655 tiller. Full length of both halves put together. Lost mine and want it to be the same length as factory.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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