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I was browsing the Deere web site and ran across this:
Operator Training Simulators | Parts & Service | John Deere US

Those construction simulators look pretty cool, I'd love to try them out. Of course, I'm coming at it like it's a big video game 😄 , but it looks like a very useful training tool.

Has anyone here ever actually seen and/or used one of those?
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I can't speak to the Deere simulators, but I've spent a few hours in the Jet Blue Airbus A320 simulators in Orlando, and they are accurate to the point that you feel the expansion joints in the runways as you're taxiing. Might as well be the real thing, granted, they are $18m each. Considering both machines are "fly by wire" I would imagine they are pretty awesome!

If you're interested in running heavy equipment and it's not in your career role - Digthis in Las Vegas is a huge reason that I have a backhoe! We had so much fun!
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