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Hello ladies and gents,

I just picked up a 93' Deere GT262 with snowblower, bagger and 48" deck for a fair deal. The tractor knowingly needed a clutch upon purchase. After some highly rated reviews, i purchased an Extreme Mower Clutch from Ebay.

I did not realize there was a specific orientation that this clutch needed to be faced in in order to work correctly (The instructions for the clutch say something about the coil facing the engine and CW vs CCW installation.) Not abiding by this can blow the clutch immediately.

I am wondering if anyone has some pictures or insight into the installation of this new clutch. I am planning on:

-Cleaning the shaft thoroughly.
-Using light anti-seize on the shaft.
-Loctite on the 5/8 bolt head with washer (Cup facing toward clutch)
-Approx 45lbs of torque on the 5/8 bolt.

From what i can remember during de-installation of old clutch, there was some bolted L shaped rods on the tractor frame that positioned the clutch in a certain way, i am wondering in which of the three openings on the clutch should these be oriented?

If anyone has an easy way of locking the shaft while tightening, i would love to hear also!

Thanks so much for any help.
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