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John Deere Hydraulic cylinder repair question

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this is a lift cylinder on my MOCO....started leaking today and appears to be seperating at a JT......seems unlike any other JD cylinder i have resealed before ...not sure how this jt could be seperating ...need diagram/advisement on how the cylinder is put together before i remove it for repair ....the cylinder is JD part #ahc13776 and crosses to DC200344 thx for any help

pics are ...good side pic...bad side pic of JT and rod seal


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The left side header lift cylinder(7)(the side that is leaking) is double-acting and the right side(11) is single-acting.

The left side cylinder part number AHC13777. The seal kit looks to be part number DC202990.

From the lower photo you posted, the gland seems to have loosened and backed away from the barrel, causing the leak.

You should be able to unscrew the gland(2) from the cylinder barrel(5) to replace the seals/o-rings.

the leaking cylinder yes is single acting right side (moco 630) ...and seems to be like (11) i missing a gland in (11 diagram) ? thats kinda what has me stumped no threads are showing in the gap on the leaking cylinder i guess theoreticly i could just attempt to screw the (gland?) back in ? (i am used to gland types having a set screw etc)

:) trust me on the rights n lefts sure look different...(cylinders set outside the inboard wheels)

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followup ......after reviewing Flyweights diagram and process of elimination upon close inspection ...i cleaned it up ...put a rubber strap wrench on it and it screwed right back into place (easier than it should) i am going to see if that fixes the leak problem if not put it in my winter to do list to reseal ....many thx
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