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Hi guys,

So a while ago my flywheel fan got chipped and with warm weather approaching, I will need to mow my lawn often and I want to get it fixed. I've also noticed that, due to the chips in the fan, the grille on top of it is all scuffed and bent so I want to replace that too. I've found this below (the fly fan and grille and I have a few questions:

1.) Just to confirm - will this work for my lawn mower?
2.) The last time I did this, due to my own mistakes, the flywheel fan got chipped and the grille is all bent. How exactly does the grille sit on top of the fan? I've been watching Youtube videos but I don't understand how it goes back together. It looks like the grille just sits on top of the fan and everything spins - but how does the grille not get all bent and how do you position everything so not to chip the flywheel fan? I want to make sure I get this just right so not to break yet another flywheel fan.
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