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^%$&* John Deere - problem RESOLVED

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Started to assemble my single point hydraulics connector today. I open the box and ALL of the small parts are thrown into the box loose. A quick inventory finds that I am missing 4ea. quick disconnects, 3ea. nuts for the bracket bolts, and the smaller bolts and nuts. I've sent an email to my dealer, and I'm sure I can use connectors from the hoses I remove, and buy nuts at the hardware store, but the point is an item that costs over $600 should be more carefully inventoried and packed. I'm used to premium parts and service from Deere, and this falls way short of my expectations.
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I have never had a part come from JD that wasn't packaged properly.

And agree on the box stores. I got a chain for my 455 Rancher the other day at Lowe's and the package is right, for a 20 in bar, but the chain I got was for about a 24 in bar.............
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