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I'd return it too and get a replacement. Then if picking up at the dealer, open the box right at the counter to make sure all the inner packages are intact. Then take an inventory at home before starting the job.

Unfortunately the OP had started the job, so I guess return may not be easy.

Maybe a little off-topic too ... (sorry)
Last time I got a bad switch light switch from the box store, I returned it with "DEFECTIVE" written all over the outer box. I don't remember if I had written that on the switch itself. I didn't want to get it back the next time I needed another one, or anyone else buying it as I assumed it would go right back on the shelves. This way it would go back the manufacturer or in the trash. The associate looked at me when I returned it and said "you didn't have to do that" referring to my creative labeling.

Speaking of buying items (especially electrical) from box stores, I always look for a factory sealed box. If no seal, I open the box and check inside to make sure it is the correct part. Countless times, I find a less expensive part inside a box for a more expensive part. Complaining to staff doesn't really help, it's usually a waste of my time as I get a blank stare, so I find what I want and go.

OK back on topic.

I hope the dealer comes through and quickly. Nothing worse than an unusable tractor.

Just my 2 cents.
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