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^%$&* John Deere - problem RESOLVED

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Started to assemble my single point hydraulics connector today. I open the box and ALL of the small parts are thrown into the box loose. A quick inventory finds that I am missing 4ea. quick disconnects, 3ea. nuts for the bracket bolts, and the smaller bolts and nuts. I've sent an email to my dealer, and I'm sure I can use connectors from the hoses I remove, and buy nuts at the hardware store, but the point is an item that costs over $600 should be more carefully inventoried and packed. I'm used to premium parts and service from Deere, and this falls way short of my expectations.
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I agree. I would simply return it and have them give you a replacement kit.
I would be taking that back, those fittings aren't cheap
That would be the fault of the dealer if he chooses to put it back on the shelf without correcting the problem.

And the kit with missing parts gets back into the cycle.......
A bit off topic, but this is why I never buy the first item off the shelf at the big box stores. The returned defective items that are restocked are typically put in the front. Last thing I bought from the front of a shelf was a Siemens circuit breaker, which was DOA. I suspect the buyer of a new one simply cleaned up and returned his old one for a refund.
Agree. You really have to be careful at the big box stores, especially in the plumbing and electrical sections. I can't tell you how many packages I've picked up only to find they are re-taped, re-sealed, re-stapled, etc. I understand they probably need to put those returns back on the shelf but in many cases they do a poor job of checking the return and it's my choice as a customer not to purchase an open-box item.
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