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^%$&* John Deere - problem RESOLVED

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Started to assemble my single point hydraulics connector today. I open the box and ALL of the small parts are thrown into the box loose. A quick inventory finds that I am missing 4ea. quick disconnects, 3ea. nuts for the bracket bolts, and the smaller bolts and nuts. I've sent an email to my dealer, and I'm sure I can use connectors from the hoses I remove, and buy nuts at the hardware store, but the point is an item that costs over $600 should be more carefully inventoried and packed. I'm used to premium parts and service from Deere, and this falls way short of my expectations.
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I spoke with my dealer and he states they are seeing a lot of incomplete orders now. He's sending the fittings, but they may not arrive this week. I think I'll take a ride up there tomorrow, and if I have no success I'll drive over to Artillian.
Yeah that is not good. Mine arrived intact from GPS.
I have seen someone return motor oil jug filled with water back to walmart for a refund. 😱. It went back on the shelf. Gotta check for the factory seal under the lid now.
I always open the oil filter boxes before purchasing too. I’ve seen cheap filters put into the more expensive boxes where someone swapped them around to save a few bucks.
I usually always check but the one time I didn't cuz I was in a hurry I got someone's used oil filter.
I got two quarts jugs a synthetic valvoline that were refilled with used oil from Walmart. Never considered checking oil filters but usually those I get from NAPA. They must be neater than me because I would have oil all over the box by the time I got it packed in there. For oil now I take it advantage of their free shipping. It saves me to having to go there and then find they don’t have enough of what I want.

Enough of us of us have had a problem with used oil or water in the jugs that I would think Walmart would be onto this now. If they arrest somebody in my county for this they better hope I’m not on the jury or I will push for the death penalty or just jump the box and rush the defendants table.
So you've all heard about the monkey and the football? Here's chapter 2.

I got a call from dealer telling me my missing parts had arrived. I was overwhelmed with joy and told him I would make the 25 mile drive to pick them up. Great he says, they'll be waiting for you at the parts desk, just ask for ---------. So now I'll note that I had ordered a few couplings to insure I would never have to deal with this "Where the hell are the parts?" again. I drive home, another 25 miles, open the bags to check the fittings, and guess what ???? NO F)(*&ing O-RINGS. I call the dealer and he tells me he'll have the parts desk look for O-rings, but he doubts he has them, and he'll send me an email. I'm starting to stroke out knowing that I have my 2nd cancer operation Friday and doubt I'll be able to do anything related to tractors until at least next week, and I don't want the job half done with my machine outside until then.

I look on line and find that Home Depot has O-ring kits of sorts, so I order them and the good wife goes to pick them up. I also order two (2) very nice kits from Amazon which arrived today. The wife returns, I check the O-ring kits, and success, I have a match for the 2ea. O-rings per fitting. I put the O-rings on and finish the installation. Later that evening my wife goes out with the dog and immediately turns around then comes back to my office. " Look what I found she says" and she presents me with a bag left by my dealers parts guy. And in the bag was a complete set of O-rings for every fitting in the kit. All sealed, and all new.

So now I've completed the installation and am also ready for the operation without added concern for the tractor. Clean all of the tractor fittings and release all pressure before you begin. Dump the FEL and begin. I'll also pass on the following.

1A. Make sure your cables are all properly marked prior to doing anything else. Also remove the right side cowling panel, have a bucket ready, and have some rags on hand.

1. The biggest PITA was the mount. The mount is an incredibly strong and well built cast iron part, and just like TTWT states in his video, you may run into some difficulty installing the new bolts. So here's a tip. First, don't use a sissy impact wrench like Tim used. Try to use a big boy tool like my Milwaukee that can be seen in the pictures below. You won't need a backing wrench to remove the bolts, but you will need one to replace the bolts once the bracket is in place. The only problem bolt will be the middle bolt, and maybe only if you have the JD 3rd SCV installed.

2. DO NOT tighten any fittings until you have everything assembled. If you dry fit everything without inserting the tractor side fittings all the way you can properly route the hoses with no effort at all.

3. Once your hoses are in place, routed and attached at one end, slide the protective sheath over them. Trim the sheath with a pair of sharp scissors and then attach all of your hoses at both ends, still not inserting the tractor end hoses all the way. Pull the sheath down to where you want it, fold it under for a nice edge, then use good quality 1.4" tie wraps to secure the sheath.

4. Your job will be done and you'll need to put the cowling back on. This is NOT a fun and easy task anymore. Proceed with caution, be nice to the tractor, and the cowling will eventually go back on.

Attach the two (2) single point half's together, start the engine and let it warm up. Attach the FEL using using the JD standard procedure, but watch the hoses and check for leaks. If you find leaks turn the engine off and fix them. If you don't like the hose routing change it. Start the engine, check everything again. Happy? Lower the FEL to the ground, shut of the engine and check the hydraulic fluid level. OK= You're done, Low = Add some oil.

This add on for the one series is like the invention of bread. Built very, very well, works very, very well, and it's effortless to use.

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