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I just bought a used John Deere 827E snowblower. The units looks like new, MINT, very low usage. The snow cutting blades look like new, no rust and very little scrap in the yellow paint. Tires are barely worn as well.

I have been searching all over the internet for any data on these units, and all I can find is just sales data from dealers other than John Deere. The website (as I am in Alberta, Canada) does not even show snow blowers on their website. I have been trying to search out and down load 'operators manuals' or 'owners manuals', but can find nothing.

The guy I bought it from said it was about 3 years old. However, I read something that suggested that these have not been made since 2012, which would mean its at least 5 years old. Does anyone know this for sure ? However, I see these guys are still selling a new unit, so there may be old stock around, John Deere 827E Snowblower Reviews, Prices and Specs I guess its possible that it is 3 years old.

My issue is, it starts very well, but its jumping and jerky when in the drive gear. After reading up on other snow blowers, it seems like its a 'friction drive wheel' issue. I am going to open it up and see if I can see any issues and hopefully fix it, but an 'owner's manual' or something would be very helpful. With such little use, I cannot imagine that the fiction wheel is worn out. I guess it could be cracked. Or maybe out of adjustment some how, which I imaging has to be a cable adjustment issue. Or the drive wheel is dirty or greasy.

I guess I will know more when I open it up.

Data sheet says:

Snow Thrower 11 5T, 27, MF, STD, 827E JD
Model: 827E
MFG Model: 1695807

Dual Stage
294cc OHV 1150 Series, Briggs & Stratton engine.

I cannot find any reference to that on the John Deere website either. I did find this;


But it is for an 828D or an 1032D, but nothing for the 827E. It looks like it might be similar.

When I search for the "John Deere 827E manual", one of the pages that comes up is this, the Frontier ST0927

which looks similar as well. So between the two of these, and some YOUTUBE videos of other snow blower brands, I might be able to figure it out.

I see I can still get all kinds of parts here: That's good.

But did't see any manuals there either.

Can anyone help me out here with a manual of some type ? Or where to download it from.

Thanks in advance, Kevin
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