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I have a 2016 x738 with a 48 snow plow and 60 " HC deck with auto connect. I was thinking of adding a 3 point hitch and a little buck loader. I was wondering if I'm better off trading it in for a 1025r with a bucket and 3 point hitch ? Otherwise I could be spending around $3000 for those items for the x738 with less capitbility compared to the 1025r. Would the snow plow and mower deck from my x738 work for the 1025r? I would be using it to mow also. So if turning radius is worst with the 1025r that would be a negative for mowing.
I can't answer all of your questions. But I can tell you that you can use your snow plow, but you'd have to buy a new quick hitch for the front of the 1 series, and Deere is pretty proud of them:gizmo:. Also, I don't think the mower deck would fit, without some modifications. Another think to keep in mind if you did modify the deck, is that an X738 without a mower deck is going to be worth a lot less on trade than one with a deck. The X7's are great machines. If you like the X738, and adding a 3 point and loader will let you accomplish what you need to get done, then I'd say they would be worthwhile investments. That's just my 2 cents, because that's all it's worth.:lol:
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