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john deere x758 / box scraper

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how big / wide of a box scraper can I use on a x758 ?
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48" and do yourself a favor and get the lower height one. The 3ph on the x7 does not have as much lift height as other cat 1 tractors.

The frontier one is made by woods, well that was true when I got mine a few years ago.

I've never had an issue pulling mine, and have found it really useful.

Yep, a 48" is the right width for the X7's. I got the smaller cat1 limited version for the increased lift plus when approaching full I'm running out of traction anyway so don't need a higher box.

You can pull a 60" model, but I'd stay with the 48" version for maneuverability, since it doesn't extend outside the wheel track, although it still covers your tracks. I used a full-size 60" box blade, a State line brand, although I repainted it JD green. In 4WD I could pull it with all 5 rippers down, and fill the box with dirt, or snow in the winter. A 48" version won't begin to challenge the power you have available.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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