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Johndeere 1025r

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I’ve just bought a johndeere 1025r today. Are you able to install the quick connect mower deck with the backhoe on? I have the 260B backhoe
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Sure it is no problem you are not putting any weight on the MMM...Even tho it is not recommended I leave the loader on as well...Maybe 30 or 40 times...No signs of damage. I leave the MMM on most of the time when extra ground clearance isn't needed.

I recommend you take off the loader tho, as that is what you should do...

The BH and Loader are off and on about 3 or 4 times a month...Make or buy a dolly for the BH...It is a necessity.

If you are new to taking that BH off ,don't feel bad if it is troublesome. It was tricky for all of us the first couple times. Than you get a dolly and its cake. (y)

Oh and.. Welcome 🆒
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