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For anyone with "brand sensitivity", the JRCo fertilizer Spreader is being shown on my ExMark Mower. It can be adapted to fit a wide variety of equipment, from the front mount on Zero turn mowers, to rear hitch mounted on anything, including green tractors, gators, zero turns, you name it. The point of sharing this is to show the spreader itself.

Here is the JR Co Spreader. Very high quality. All stainless material flow parts for the gate, impeller, etc. Hopefully, this is the last spreader I will ever need to buy. Made in the USA. Very, very nice 12 volt electric spreader with a easy to use material control system. On this model, the material gate is opened with a foot pedal. On the tow behind or rear mounted, it has a cable controlling the material flow gate. Different mounting options for different equipment and different methods for opening and shutting the material flow gate.

Here is the link to the JrCo website. They offer a machine mounting system which can be used with most of their implements and attachments. I have used this system for my JrCart for my Billy Goat wheel blower and love their equipment. Their items are not inexpensive, but they are very high quality and commercial grade. I plan on adding their front thatcher and other implements for my zero turn soon.

Note, they even include a clear plastic "dust shield" to keep the spreader dust from getting on the operator. Its mounted to the rear of the spreader and covers the foot well area, etc.

Broadcast Spreader for Zero-Turns - 503 | JRCO Inc


I have owned (and do own) several fertilizer spreaders. I have tried the lower priced tow behind spreaders and boy did I get what I paid for. I bought a spreader from a regional "Big Box Farm Store" called Family Farm and Home which is the classic tow behind spreader. When I looked it over at the store, I noticed it was made in Vietnam instead of China, which I found encouraging. Typically, Vietnam is doing a better job of making items and a combination of their labor cost advantage over China and their being a source of production to compete against China, I ended up buying the tow behind spreader.

Overall, the quality was better than the other lower cost tow behind spreaders I have owned. But when using this spreader, the material flow gate (made of stainless steel) failed, dumping all of the fertilizer out much more quickly than one ever should. Fortunately, I was towing the spreader with my zero turn so I went full speed forward to get out of the lawn and into my 10 acre field, so I avoided burning the lawn. Had I been pulling it with something slower, I would have had a large area of damage to the lawn from dumping 200 pounds of fertilizer in about 150 feet of a single spreader pass........

I have a Frontier 3 point, PTO driven spreader, but its too large and covers too wide a path for my needs, throwing material 55' per pass. Its for sale for anyone interested. It has the Poly hopper and holds 600 plus pounds of material. Its listed on the Swap Meet site. I would LOVE to get it out of my barn as it is large and take up much needed valuable floor space.

The JrCo spreader is on sale at Northern Tool for about $950. Depending upon the style you need and the mounting equipment, it can add another $300 plus to the cost. Yes, the JrCo mount system is expensive, but its also very functional and works great. I use the same mount for my JrCart for my blower, etc. Very robust, easy to use and commercial grade equipment.

Yes, spending $1,200 for a spreader wasn't at the top of my "wanted to do list", but I am also very tired of "throw away" blower problems. I have three "lower cost" spreaders right now I would give to whomever would take them. Each needs a repair of something and getting spare parts for the lower cost spreaders which are imported has been nearly impossible. In fact, the last spreader which failed, was less than 90 days old at the time and I went back to the store and they couldn't order parts. In the end, the store manager gave me a choice of another new spreader free or my money back and keep the broken spreader, I took the money and now have another spreader behind the barn needing to be thrown away.............


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Sure glad you're impressed with the Vietnamese crap. They never impressed me that much. I once had a bunch of the RVN rifles for sale. Never fired and only dropped once.
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