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Just ordered hooks, what paint and straps/chain to get?

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Just ordered two hooks for my 1026R/H120 FEL. I want to paint the hooks JD Green to match tractor, what paint is everyone using? I assume there is a tough, enamal, factory spay can available?

also, regarding a chain and/or straps to use that will work well with these hooks, what size? I'm thinking of straps to use to life the 60D MMM deck as well as chain for logs/stumps, etc.
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Great info Kenny, thats what I was looking for. One last, probably stupid question, whats the difference between a grab hook and a slip hook? and what are they used for differntly? see this link for the selection of Grade 70 items at TSC:
They are just what the name implys. the grab hook like the one in the pic and what Kenny sells grab the chain between links and stays in place. A slip hook has a wide throat and hooks around the link allowing the hook to slide till the chain becomes tight around a object like a log, another name for this is a choker chain.
Hope this helps.:drinks:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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