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Just ordered hooks, what paint and straps/chain to get?

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Just ordered two hooks for my 1026R/H120 FEL. I want to paint the hooks JD Green to match tractor, what paint is everyone using? I assume there is a tough, enamal, factory spay can available?

also, regarding a chain and/or straps to use that will work well with these hooks, what size? I'm thinking of straps to use to life the 60D MMM deck as well as chain for logs/stumps, etc.
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I was looking for chain and found the yellow zinc 20' 5/16" grade 70 premade with hooks under for about $38.00 at Home Depot. TSC is asking $65 for theirs. The extra hooks at HD are cheaper too. Any reason this is not as good and the TSC chain?
As long as it's grade 70, it should have the same working/ breaking strength. The corrosion resistance might be a bit different, but for use on the tractor that's really a non-issue.
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