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Ken's Bolt On Hooks

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I got the hooks this past week. Put two coats of paint on them over three days. This morning I followed the enclosed instructions and mounted them. Are these "cool for school" or what? It's a must have item as far as I'm concerned :)


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I couldn't agree more. Ken is a nice guy with a terrific product. Picked mine up today and had them installed in an hour. I put two coats of JD green on and baked them in the oven for 30 mins. Hope my wife doesn't read this!

I love them on the bucket and can't wait to use them!
Welcome to GTT Whito123. What temp did you bake them at?
190 degrees. I don't like to spray them inside, so I sprayed them outside and then brought them in to bake them. I've done the same thing for a tv mount for my boat and it seems to help make a better finish. Plus it shortens the waiting time between wet paint and installation!
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Here's a quick pic of one of mine installed

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