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Kitchen Flooring

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Taking the old flooring up down to the sub floor, suggestion for new flooring. Not in favor of glue down flooring.
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I prefer tile in wet areas like kitchens and baths. Knock on wood our tile is holding up just fine considering the builder of our place is a royal cheapskate. I like the cool feel of tile during the summer when I walk barefoot through the house. I don't care for it in winter for obvious reasons.

I know a couple of people with laminate in their kitchens, and so far they're happy; but as another poster said...get the good stuff for wet areas, and wipe up spills ASAP to minimize the chances of blistering.

If you're sensitive to sound as I am, you will notice that any hard surface is going to reflect sound all over the place, and in some cases amplify the noise. Just go into any coffee shop and try and have a conversation with friends.
I recall my wife saying that her brother and his wife put cork in their kitchen and liked it for all the reasons you mention; but they removed it because of the smell.
may I suggest cork.
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