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Hello !!

Hi Everyone, another new guy here to join in on the Green Sickness party !!

I am Ron White and from UpState NY. I have been lurking here a bit and decided to join in today on the fun your having here.

I am a member of other GT/Tractor websites and have seen some familiar names while lurking here.

I have been into John Deere garden tractors since 1974 when my Dad had taken me to the local Deere dealer to help pick out a new garden tractor. We ( Dad ) ended up buying a new 1974 John Deere 110M with a deck and front blade, which is still in the family today and still doing lawn duties. I tried to get Dad to buy the 140 sitting next to the 110 but he wasn't sure that we needed that much GT for our property......... I had fallen in love with that 140 then but soon had gotten over it after being on the 110 and enjoyed using it for many, many years before moving up to a new 322 in 1989.

I now own a 1974 Model 140-H3 that I had fallen I love with some 35 + years ago and also a 1990 Model 332.

For Those of you who do not know me, here are a few pictures of the 140 & 332.

Thanks for listening,

Ron White



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