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L111 leaves uncut grass on right side of deck

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I've had a L111 mower for about 4 years. Towards the end of last summer, I noticed that uncut/uneven grass was being left from the right side of the mowing deck. I replaced the blades which didn't change anything. I bought a new belt from a John Deere dealer yesterday though when I installed it, it was too big and just falls off the pulleys. Before I go and get another belt, is there anything else that can be causing this problem?
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If it is a thin steel deck I have seen where the deck itself is bent, thus yielding a crooked spindle, thus blade. I installed a long bar into the spindle and bent it back to true. You will have to look close as this is not any easy thing to just look at and see.
Matt is correct, the guage is the thing to have. Here is another link to it.
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