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L111 leaves uncut grass on right side of deck

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I've had a L111 mower for about 4 years. Towards the end of last summer, I noticed that uncut/uneven grass was being left from the right side of the mowing deck. I replaced the blades which didn't change anything. I bought a new belt from a John Deere dealer yesterday though when I installed it, it was too big and just falls off the pulleys. Before I go and get another belt, is there anything else that can be causing this problem?
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You have to level your deck TWICE every time you mow?!?!?!
I had a similar problem with my L118 and it is the mounting supports on the deck. No matter how tight I get those bolts, the deck will never stay level, it will last for 1/2 of the yard. :( It is just part of the mowing chore now.
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