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Hi Everyone,

First post on the popper portion of the site! Got my first LA and am in the process of cleaning everything up for paint. Part of that is an engine swap I am doing as the one it came with is ceased (I have two donor options that are original as well).

Since it is ceased I cannot get the bolts out of the propeller shaft to remove that and pull the engine out (which is how I was told to do it). Before cutting them to drop the shaft, I am wondering If I cant safely pull the engine up and forward out of the frame from the clutch housing (not sure if that is what it is called, see picture). I got the bolts out of that and the engine unbolted but wasn't sure if there was anything rigid mounted between the flywheel and the clutch? Sorry if this is a silly question this is my first go at an engine like this! I don't want to pull forward and damage something by mistake.

Thanks very much for the help in advance, this has been an awesome project graduating me from garden tractors.


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