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LA john Deere leaking front main seal

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I placed an "ad" in the "Want to Buy" forum that I'd like to buy a LA John Deere. I have located one but it just pours oil out the front seal. Or at least that's where we think it's coming from, we haven't removed the front radiator cover to really find out.

The owner said the motor was reworked about 3 year ago and can't explain the oil pouring out the front seal. In his words," It just started." I wonder if the seal housing is worn so badly it will not allow the seal to do it's job?

At any rate, I'd appreciate some advice on this problem and even about buying the tractor in this condition. Anyone ever replace the front main seal in a LA before?

He's asking $3k for it and it's been freshly painted but not restored. Seems a little high to me for the condition the motor is in.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.
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UW. Did you look at the front seal as shown in the JD parts catalog on the JD website? I have never changed one and have very little experience with an LA, but the parts catalog shows what looks to be a regular lip type seal and a slinger or thrower. I can't remember which term they use in the catalog. I never could figure out what a slinger "slung" or what a thrower "throws", but they were common terms on old engines.

Some of the guys can copy the pictures, but the best I can do is send you a link to the LA parts catalog. Copy and paste the following. The crankshaft and related parts are listed on page 8. If you have problems with the website, write back and I will try to help. Green Magazine is also a great source for parts and information on the old tractors.

The LA is a really neat little tractor. I always wanted one, finally got one and when we closed our dealership, I gave it to a friend of mine who was a collector, thinking that I might be able to have some fun with it, with him. He died suddenly, shortly after. I could have asked his wife to get it back, but I couldn't bring myself to ask.
Wayne, that is a beautiful tractor. You said that it still drips a drop from time to time. I am not a motorcycle guy, but don't they say that the drips from a Harley Davidson are not leaks, but that they are just marking their territory? I know you will enjoy playing with the LA.

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