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LA135 Steering Squeeling/Needs Lubrication/How?

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New to the forum, from Upstate NY

LA135 is 2 years old, with 60hrs of run time, and the steering column is quite noisey.
Any ideas on lubrication?
Tryed some WD, worked for 1 mowing, and squeeling returned.
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Someone else may have a better option but I'll tell you what I use. Zep45. It has a number of things in it like Teflon or ptfe. But the main thing is that it leaves a lubricating residue. WD just washes away. Oh. Welcome to the forum!!
Welcome to DT JimK. :good2:

All most any other lubricant other than WD40 will last longer. YesDeere is spot on for a long lasting formula, though I personally have't tried Zep45.
I'm a big fan of the White Lithium grease in a spray can. Several different manufacturers have all performed well, for me. Good adhesion to metal without attracting a lot of dirt. John Deere has a multi-purpose lube that works well as a, slightly, thinner lubricant. It has a weird, blue color and is good when you want something a little heavier than WD-40.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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