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Hey guys, just wanted to post an update to a post I made a few months ago about clearing a pine thicket.

I'm using the 5 ton military truck along with 4 logging chokers to pull up trees in clumps. After a couple of pulls, I use the 4044M with the root grapple to stack the trees in a pile. At the end of the day, I use the root grapple to clear the bare ground of any leftover roots and then switch to the box blade to remove the top layer of dead pine needles.

I'm really pleased with the performance of the 4044m. I was a little worried about the non-turbo engine, but the power is definitely there and it absolutely sips gas. The biggest advantage that I've found with the emissions engines is that there's absolutely no diesel odor or smoke making it very comfortable for long periods with an open operator station. The loader is very strong.

The only few nit picks that I have is the loader is just a little on the slow side (but I'll trade that for capacity any day) and the parking brake has to be ALL the way down for the dash light to go out. It can work itself back up during operation and the light comes back on, even though the brake is technically off. I'm sure I can adjust the switch a little.

The first pic is the "before" and the last two are the "after". I'm still not done yet, so I'll post a few more when completed.


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