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Lawn Aerator

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pull behind lawn aerators. who has one? what kind? and are the worth buying?

really just considering a basic pull behind from tsc or the like. not looking for are need a power unit.

ready for this comparison?
Table Furniture Vehicle Wagon Coffee table

Agricultural machinery Vehicle Lawn aerator Tractor Spreader

See a difference?
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I have one that my father paid 450 for and got sick of storing it. Its a core areator, and I will say, it needs to be very, very wet for me to use it in my heavy ground. Weighted up or not. If you had lighter ground it would be good.

I can take pictures of what I have for comparison if needed. Or you can ask anything you want.
Brian . . . I would really like to see a picture of your core aerator . . .

Thanks in advance!
Sorry, i missed this. I also see someone found this same one on sale for 130. That's a good deal compared to what my father has in this.

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Thanks, Brian. That looks like a sure-nuff heavy duty machine . . . :good2:

What brand is it?
I "think" its an agri-fab?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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