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leveling 54" 7 iron autoconnect deck

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Anybody have to level there deck since buying 1026r? Mine doesnt seem to mower very level. Is the best way place a level on top on the deck, or do you go by the book and measure from the tip of the blade to the ground? Easy to measure on discharge side but no so easy on the other side. Do you just turn the turn buckle that holds auto connect onto your tractor to level the deck?
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A deck leveling gauge works best for leveling the deck. You measure from the blade tips, not the deck body.
The deck leveling gauge makes this a lot easier. The John Deere part number is AM130907.
MMM's are typicaly NOT set up very well at the dealers before delivery. The gauge is very handy and one of the cheapest things you will ever buy that says John Deere on it!
The turnbuckles you are referring to are the way to level the deck side to side. You have to lower the deck to the floor to remove the end of the turnbuckle prior to adjusting. Leveling front to rear you adjust the front brace rod assembly. You loosen the nuts on the side closet to the deck, attach to to the tractor, adjust the front nuts while at mowing height, remove the deck to tighten the rear nuts. You want the front of the blades about 1/8" to 1/4" lower than the rear of the blades for optimal cutting performance. :thumbup1gif:

That gauge the others guys showed you is awesome. It makes this job so much easier!:good2:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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