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Looking for information on where to place my 2T floor jack to remove the tires on my machine. The picture in the book is not very clear (or big enough) to see where on the axles to put the jack head. Not even sure the arrows point to the axles. Also looked at the online operators manual to zoom the picture.
Searching for lift points and axles didn't yield any help. Not sure I have the search on this site figured out yet.

I use this same jack on the front center of my 1500 Chevy and it lifts the truck just fine. Block it up and do my tire work.
Wondering if I can do the same kind of thing to the tractor?
Even a better picture would be good.
Dealer tech used the tongue below the rear PTO for the rear tires and the center of the front transaxle with a block of wood on the jack's saddle to clear the steering crossbar for the front tires.
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