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Limb Hog

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I bought a Limb Hog a few months back and just found time today to fab a bracket to mount it. I've been back and forth in my pea brain about how and on what I was going to mount it. Finally had an epiphany today and came up with a much less intrusive way to mount it than what I was originally considering. I used it a bit and though it's certainly not magic by any means it is a way to get to some of those out of reach limbs. The loader blocks the visibility if your all the way up so I mounted one of my cameras on the boom. Still some things to work out but I think it will be very helpful. I will add to this thread as I have more comments about it.
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I actually need to have it more toward the tips of the loader forks to get more reach. The saw is made to not need any mid support. It's actually quite sturdy. It's why I bought the Limb Hog and not the Limb Saw. The Hog is made of larger tubing and is much more robust than the Saw. Yes, I have it C clamped on so I can determine exactly where it needs to be mounted before I make the final version of the bracket. All of this was done to prevent drilling holes or welding on the fork frame or on my skid steer adapter, which was the other idea I had for mounting it.
I have that as well.
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