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Limb Hog

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I bought a Limb Hog a few months back and just found time today to fab a bracket to mount it. I've been back and forth in my pea brain about how and on what I was going to mount it. Finally had an epiphany today and came up with a much less intrusive way to mount it than what I was originally considering. I used it a bit and though it's certainly not magic by any means it is a way to get to some of those out of reach limbs. The loader blocks the visibility if your all the way up so I mounted one of my cameras on the boom. Still some things to work out but I think it will be very helpful. I will add to this thread as I have more comments about it.
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Looks good, I think you need to add a cross support at the fork tips, with a flat brace under and another top brace that has a u-shape notch that fits the saw and secures it from moving up, down and sideways, hold it on with bolts on the outside of the tips. That would be a 2 piece strap that you could just fit the top piece over the square saw and bolt it together, for easy removal. __U __ top or bottom with another flat one.

The same type of brace you have on the bask, put another on the front, except add bolts instead of C-Clamps. But don't drill any holes in the forks.
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