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Did a little more work on the garden over MEA weekend while the Mrs. was up North with kiddo (whole family together in one spot is rare lately). She wanted to plant some wetland plants for pollinators, but didn't like the lack of sunlight in our other wetlands (and the lack of cleared clean soil to work with - removing vegetation apparently isn't her thing :dunno: ). So I decided to clear more of the already cut-over ground for the garden and see what happened if I dug a hole. This is what I found:

Other areas on the property have substantially more clay in the sand below the top soil. 1Kft away, if you unearth the tan dirt and let it dry, you'll have concrete that will abrade your skin trying to scrape it. That this spot is nearly devoid of clay was a real surprise. So I may need to add some dark top soil back in to get this thing to hold water, but we'll have to get some rain to find that out.

The Mrs. came in behind me friday morning and seeded then raked the whole area, so there's no changing things up too much until those seeds either fail or take, and we can collect some more seeds to propagate the plants with.

The lone red oak needs to be cut yet, and I'll need to move the beater bimmer out of there before doing much more grading of the whole site, but I got another decent chunk opened up without spending too much seat time doing it.

On the plus side, my excavation of sand to lay road base should be highly successful if the soil 300' from this shelf is the same (where my pistol pit is going). I already moved a couple bucket fulls down the driveway to fill in where the big stumps left holes. With a bit of crushed lime stone, this would be amazingly clean class 5.
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