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Loader attachment for a JD5525

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I own a JD5525 tractor and would like to purchase a loader for it. I want to understand all my options, JD models as well as others. I have seen a Massey Ferguson 1070 Loader for sale by private party and wonder if it is compatible with my JD 5525 tractor.
Your insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Welcome to DT Craig,

Used loaders in decent shape are very hard to come by-they are usually beat to crap. There are several options for you from various sources including the #563 JD Loader or the #542 JD Loader. Here is a couple used ones on TractorHouse:

Since these loaders fit different tractors, you must make sure it has the proper brackets for your tractor if you buy used.

Aftermarket companies include (there are more...just can't think of them now):

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