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Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of tractors have loaders and a tractor with a loader is worth a lot more so typically a seller will not break up a set. Finding an orphan loader is nearly impossible and unfortunately your tractor may be doomed to be a spinster unless you are willing to by a new loader. That can be a tough pill to swallow on an older tractor.
When I sold my JD 2030 Gas tractor with an aftermarket loader (Freeman), I offered to separate ONLY if the loader sold first (which it did). I did not want to be stuck with an obsolete loader that I could not even demonstate.

When the JD 2030 diesel with JD 245SL loader goes up for sale I will again offer to separate ONLY if loader sells first.

If you think you may EVER sell your JD 5525 get a JD loader for it. People shy away from loaders of other brand tractors adapted to work. That's worse than going aftermarket in my opinion. The good news is JD normally makes mounts for the new model loaders to back fit to older model tractors.
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