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I intend to add a tooth bar unit for some excavation work this summer but for mulch I was thinking of trying to add side extensions to haul more in each load with the consideration that mulch won't strain the load maximum like soil or stone would. Well looks like I'll have to come up with something on my own, or not. Thanks guys.
Here is a thought for what it's worth.

Since the bucket extension material is going to be for the sides and "top" of the bucket to contain "mulch", how about making them out of Lexan?

I bought some on Amazon for a project and it wasn't terribly expensive. The sheet I bought was 24" wide, 48" tall and 1/8th of an inch thick. I bought two of these and the cost was $35.99 per sheet, including shipping.

I was going to add "wings" to my snow plow for my 1 series, to help contain the snow when pushing volumes and it was coming over the ends of the blade. But I didn't end up taking that approach and I ended up using my larger 7'3" wide snow plow with some adjustments.

The Lexan would allow you to see the material, it's very tough, very light weight and easily cut and shaped. You can even curve it if you have the right tools and patience. Plus, it wouldn't be obstructing your view when filling and dumping the loader........

Here is the place where I bought the Lexan.......

Granted, the size I bought likely wouldn't be the best for your project, I just wanted to get you to the source. Also, note they have a variety of thicknesses and the stuff I bought was 1/8th inch thick and it's some tough stuff.
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