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Loader Bucket Volume Specs?

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I was curious today about what volume of material the 49" bucket on my loader could hold. I didn't find anything on the JD website. Does anyone know if that spec is published anywhere?
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Not a dumb question or a mistake, Never be shy about asking anything:good2:
Thanks Kenny! I'll remember to check the tech libary next time before I ask anymore dumb questions. For now I'll just mark it as another newbie mistake.
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I thought I saw, somewhere, side extensions for a loader bucket to allow more volume in the bucket for landscape mulch and other lighter items. Am I dreaming this up or did I possibly see a different style bucket and thought it was an extension? I've tried to find them, bolt on that is and have had less than zero luck:banghead:. I suspect it may be a liability issue as well so I'll accept that in an answer quickly. Thanks.
I recall seeing where someone made their own but I don't think I've ever seen anything commercially available. Please post if you find something.
Same here, I don't recall seeing that either. You'd have to extend the bottom too, although some tooth bars add up to 6" of so but they are not solid across the bottom.
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