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Lock valves on 400x loader

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Has anyone installed lock valves on a 400x loader to prevent it from bleeding off?

I'd atleast like to have this on the fork tilt side.

Where would you put the valve, what kind would you need? etc...

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OK, thanks for the mini lesson on valves.

I'm learning a lot from the group here.
I appreciate it.

I just ordered a top link from the surplus center,
from suggestions posted here.

(4720, 400x loader)
@stone7: If you have not figured it out, I would suggest 1/4" hoses for your HTL as well:thumbup1gif:

What are you doing with your forks that the leakdown is causing a problem for you?
I work on my mower deck(JD445), and I'd like to turn the tractor off
for noise and exhaust.

And I'm building some slip-on metal plates,
to go under the tires of the 445 to lift the whole thing up for MX stuff.
(I'll post pictures, when finished)
(I'm talking about lifting things to work on, with the 400x loader, and the fork attachment)

I use the loader and the forks for a lot of stuff. I put a pallet on the forks, and the work item
on the pallet, and it's a heavy lift work bench of sorts.

As far as the hyd top link hoses, I'm still stumbling through this. But I thought I
would be able to find hoses at tractor supply or similar. I'd like to use elbows on the
cylinder to point aft, and then route the hoses upward in a single 180 arc into the
hyd couplers. I was thinking I could probably find some inexpensive premade hoses
that would probably be too long, and then cut them to fit, and use a reusable fitting on one end.

I don't know much about hydraulics, I'm a little spooked by the high pressure pin hole leak
issue. It would probably hit me right in the back of the head...
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So what happens when the cylinder bleeds off? Would it be correct to say that
it's just a matter of 'flow' occurring?

What I'd like to know, is, do you only need the one ball valve to stop the thing
from moving?

1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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