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Does anyone have any ideas on a good splitter for the 3-point hitch for a 2305. I looked at the DR model (mainly because it has the dual action split) but it seems as though the 2305 might not have enough power for it!

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A couple things come to mind:

"Power" is a function of PSI and surface area in a cylinder. "Speed" is a function of GPM.

Here are the specs for you 2305, I placed in bold the important numbers:
Type Open Center
Pump Rated Output, gpm (L/min.)
5.2 (19.7)
Steering 2.3 (8.9)
2.9 (10.8)
Pump Type Gear
Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI)
Draft Control Type Select Control
Remote Control Valves Available 2

Now, once you know the cylinder size on the splitter you want to use you can calculate Power and Speed here: Select the Force and Speed Calculator on the left and input your numbers. This one is good also:

A typical splitter has a 4"x24" with a 2" rod cylinder.

The short answer is Yes, it will power it, but it will be slow and a little underpowered. You wil also have to run the 2305 at near full throttle so the hours may pile up quickly.

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