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Long time snow blower project 1

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I have been at this 20 +years I have done none of the fabrication only provided ideas

My blower started out way back as an Erskine behind blower with manual chute rotation and snout control
Now is green front mounted with hydraulic control for chute and snout control
And best of all has a Curtis cab for this winter

Will start with how I begin in the fall
First you can see the bucket on its cart and the blower on its ready for blower to on FEL frame
Next is JD standard hook and pin attachment
Cart after blower attached to FEL frame
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Long time snow blower 2

View from rear the cylinder that now turns blade use to run a bell crank that turned the chute just was never very good
Hydraulic tank about 7 gallons fill on right behind black on left filter above to right is site gauge
From the left rear is seen the PTO hydraulic pump and source of power for chute controls and blade turning
As seen from the right rear
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Long time snow blower 3

1 inch hoses carry oil to impeller motor
Tractor hydraulic from power beyond is used for turning chute and snout control
Controls for chute and snout
Manifold for front hydraulic controls
The moment of truth
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Long time snow blower 4

Modified "turf bar from pickup plow for unfrozen early on driveway
"pusher plate" makes snow blower into a snow bucket for early wet light snows
chute lined with pieces from a child's "flying carpet" if and when snow plugged things up much easier to clean out
chute shovel and wrench for when things plug and jam
because the blower runs on the PTO have put a knob on 3 point control to aide in telling them apart with mittens on
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Long time snow blower 5

Mjncad has thumper Bambi places marked note tire print on floor sprayed paint as boat trailer was rolled out so it could be rolled back in in on first try
I had big feet and feel a lot safer when getting off tractor in the winter
I know wings have been discussed before these are mine had for most of the time
Yellow Floor
Footwear Shoe Tire Boot Steel-toe boot
Green Leaf Grass
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Great stuff Gus:thumbup1gif:

This is great stuff. Very, very impressive Gus. Very well done! :thumbup1gif:

Great post. Thank you for sharing your engineering.
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