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Looking for a kit to install grab hooks on top of bucket

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My JD dealer doesn't offer a kit that will put 1 or 2 grab hooks on top my H120 bucket. Does anyone have any ideas for a nice way to install some hooks? I will use them to lift the mower deck (when detacked from the tractor) for underside cleaning and blade removal. Thanks.

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I think you'll be very pleased with a set of Ken's hooks:thumbup1gif:
It looks like most of the tractors posted here have the hooks bolted on instead of welded (in the SCUT and CUT forum anyway). Is that because a lot of you don't have welders, or don't want to permanently weld something to the loader bucket, or is there really no need to weld them on for strength, or??? Just wondering, as the first thing I'll be doing when my 2520 shows up will be attaching hooks to the FEL bucket. I have welded them onto other buckets before, but if bolting is preferred for some reason I'll go that route.

Andy B.
It's just for simplicity. Kenny's hooks are top notch, the way my bucket was constructed under my lip there is another piece of steel, so I'd be going through about 3" before I could bolt on the hooks. If it were more like a normal bucket, I'd have a set of Kenny's hooks, but it wouldn't work for me. I've got a welder on the way now, so I'll be adding some welded hooks. If you can't weld, the bolt ons work perfectly fine.
1 - 2 of 93 Posts
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