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Hey all, my name is Mike. Great to find like minded people !
I have a JD tractor 420 That I have bought, used. It does need some work and finding parts has become a chore. Does anyone know where to find these parts? I have search JD parts searches and have come up empty. I have a 60" deck model # *M00272M that is going to be rebuilt in the fall but, right now I'm needing deck wheels. fronts are 6.5" and the rears are 7". Any help on finding parts info is greatly appreciated.
- Mike

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Hi Mike
Is this you deck?
I only added the parts you need for wheel replacement.
There is a help file on our site for using JD parts website.
If I didn't list enough parts post what else you need.

9 AM35921 Ball Bearing 2 - 506787
10A AM100636 Wheel 1 - 506787 GAGE (SUB AM107561) (SUB FOR AM35304)
10B M87566 Wheel 1 506788 - (A) GAGE (USES NON-THREADED G REASE FITTING) (SUB AM104141)
10C AM104141 Wheel 1 506788 - (B) (C) GAGE (USES THREADED GREASE FITTING)
11 24H1887 Washer 1 11/32" X 1" X 0.134"
12 19H1900 Cap Screw 1 5/16" X 3/4"
13 M87569 Washer 2 506788 - (A) (B)
M88384 Seal 2 506788 - (C)
M88385 Thrust Washer 2 506788 - (C)
14 M87568 Bushing 1 506788 - (A) (B) (C)
15 AM106706 Bearing 1 506788 - (A) (B) (C) (SUB FOR AM100638)
16 M87570 Lubrication Fitting 1 506788 - NLA; (A) (NON-THREADED)
JD7803 Lubrication Fitting 1 506788 - (B) (C) (THREADED)
17A AM100636 Kit 2 506788 - (8X2.0), GAGE WHEEL (INCLUDES P ARTS MARKED (A)) (SUB AM107561)
17B AM104128 Kit 2 506788 - GAGE WHEEL (INCLUDES PARTS MARKED (B)) (SUB AM107561)
17C AM107561 Kit 2 506788 - GAGE WHEEL (INCLUDES PARTS MARKED (C))


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You can try these folks out. - Hundreds of Used Tractors & Parts! They deal in old JD Garden Tractors.

I have also had a lot of luck on Ebay. Lastly, you can always try the for sale section over at Weekend Freedom Machines, they deal in old iron like that and if they are not selling it they may be can tell you where to find it. :bigthumb:
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