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Looking to buy 1025r with backhoe, FEL & grapple

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I'm about to purchase a new 1025r which i plan to use for mostly landscape & cleanup type work (no mowing). Much of the cleanup is on hills (fallen trees and brush). I'm a bit concerned about the hills and stability issues. I would try and do most of the work vertical (going up and down hills) but some would need to be done going sideways.

I was considering mounting a winch to pull the stuff to a safe place then using the grapple to grab and haul it away. Does anyone have a similar situation or recommendations?

Also - about the price - anyone know what is the typical discounts? If I do a build your own it comes out to about 27K but seen adds for similar (Backhoe & FEL) for about 22K. Is that a typical discount? (I know I will likely need to add a 3rd function which will increase the price a bit ~ $1500 installed).

And of course - any grapple recommendations would be appreciated

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As far as the 0% rate possibly going away, the dealers have "mentioned that" as an incentive to take action now to motivate people to buy today. Now they are using the "You won't be able to get the tractor", yet some dealers have adequate inventory of the most popular models and equipped machines.

I can tell you that Deere has had the 0% for 60 months on the SCUTS since 2016 and likely before. Shortly before one 0% session is about to expire, they will announce another. The 0% is a crucial sales tool for Deere and the Dealers and its likely to continue for some time.

Deere is one of the very few who doesn't charge a "fee" to buy down the interest rate on the tractors, They do have a cost of money factor on other equipment and the method of payment determines the final price. They do this on their diesel Zero turn mowers and other equipment, as I went arounf and around with the sales guy on this very point.

Deere dealers have a huge benefit of Deere Financial being their own finance arm for machinery. The consumer loan default rate is very, very low. Even during the most recent financial CRISIS, the loans in trouble were much less than 1%.

Your dealer is participating in the loan for any equipment financed by Deere. The dealer has to repossess any equipment which ends up in default and the dealer is responsible for making the machine ready for resale. Any amount which the dealer is able to sell the unit for which is greater than the outstanding loan, the dealer profits

. If the machine is sold for less than the outstanding debt, the dealer incurs the loss and has to pay the remaining balance to Deere financial. This doesn't happen very often. Most customers will sacrifice other items to avoid losing their Deere when they hare struggling to meet the loan terms and they have any other options.

The 0% is a huge sales tool and its critical for machine sales. i asked my dealer what percentage of the SCUT buyers pay cash for the entire purchase at the time of delivery and he said less than 5% of all buyers.
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