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Looking to buy 1025r with backhoe, FEL & grapple

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I'm about to purchase a new 1025r which i plan to use for mostly landscape & cleanup type work (no mowing). Much of the cleanup is on hills (fallen trees and brush). I'm a bit concerned about the hills and stability issues. I would try and do most of the work vertical (going up and down hills) but some would need to be done going sideways.

I was considering mounting a winch to pull the stuff to a safe place then using the grapple to grab and haul it away. Does anyone have a similar situation or recommendations?

Also - about the price - anyone know what is the typical discounts? If I do a build your own it comes out to about 27K but seen adds for similar (Backhoe & FEL) for about 22K. Is that a typical discount? (I know I will likely need to add a 3rd function which will increase the price a bit ~ $1500 installed).

And of course - any grapple recommendations would be appreciated

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The AV20F is a beast...not sure about all the JD attachments but the grapple is legit.
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