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OK, in 2018 you could get over 2% on a 30-day T-bill so I guess the 0% is safe then.

I had a deal I was 99% happy with worked out with a dealer 5 miles from me. I called a few days later to ask one more question and sign a contract, and he said, "sorry, sold all my 1025Rs over the weekend, will have more coming in June." He'd had those machines on the lot for months so I figured they'd be safe but I guess by the end of March everybody was having the same idea I was. Like I said, if I was willing to haggle and wait I'm sure I could have gotten a somewhat better deal. YMMV.

Factory Installed Loader Backhoe
Ok makes sense now but my dealer didn't have a FILB but they still sold me one and didn't charge for install. Probably got me somewhere else. I bought a TLBTPHDPF for 25k plus tax. to avoid confusion, tractor, loader, backhoe, tiller, post hole digger, pallet forks, maybe I could got more if I knew then what I know now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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