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Looking to upgrade to an x748 or x758

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Hi all,
I have been using a 445 (actually 2!) to maintain the yard portion of my property since the early 2000s. My terrain is rocky, and hilly (SW Va) but mostly managable with the 445. There are some areas on the hills where I lose traction more then Id like.
Anyway, I want to sell off my 445s and get a 4wd version, and Im leaning towards diesel for the extra HP and to only store one type of fuel. I use a 4720 for everything else.
Ive seen a few for sale on dealers websites, and one or two on fb marketplace but Im not overly familiar with what to look for/avoid. Pricing seems to be all over the place too. Any suggestions?


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Honestly I would go for the 758 since you already have the bigger machine with the loader for heavy work.

The AWD of the 758 is worlds better than the 4x4 of the 748. The only advantage the 748 has is that it has the frame to hold a 45 loader.

In terms of what to look for used. Anything under 300 hrs is pretty much brand new. Under 600 hrs has well over half it's useful life still in it. A 758 is a 1500-2000hr machine easily. The closer it is to 1000 hrs the closer you are to needing a new pto clutch pack.

There aren't many "known" issues with these machines that I've heard mentioned that aren't a result of lack of maintenance. Which of course is the next thing you need to look at with anything used. Maintenance is absolutely key for any higher hour machine.

Nice to have options on an x7:
The HC decks perform better than the D series decks.
Auto connect is very nice with the drive over decks.
Rear 3PH adds a good $600 to the machine.
Front quick hitch is a similar $600 value.
Rear PTO is close to a $1000 option.
Power flow and rear baggers similarly aren't cheap.
The JD air ride seat is priced really high for what it is.
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The X7's hit well above their weight, regardless of whether you find a hydrostatic AWD, or an earlier MFWD version. And 1500 hours on a diesel is barely broken in, as long as it hasn't been abused and has been properly maintained. I owned a 2008 X748 SE (last year of the MFWD) for eleven years, bought it new. When I traded it for a 2-series compact, it had 1500 hours on it. Used no oil, PTO clutches operated perfectly, and I had the 540 rear PTO, in addition to the 3-point hitch. I also had a 45 loader. This machine was a worker, not a garage queen lawn mower. I used a 50" rototiller as well as a wood chipper on the rear PTO. I had no issues with the MFWD in terms of usability, and I had R1 tires on it. I mowed 5-6 acres with it, and did quite a bit of landscaping and gardening work.
The mower was a 54C, didn't have, or need, autoconnect. Only took 5 minutes to drop or connect the deck. I also had a PowerFlow and MC519 cart with it. Had I anything to do differently, I would have gotten the 60" 7-Iron deck for it.

Since you already have a larger diesel tractor, I'd definitely look for a diesel X7. You won't be sorry you got one, they are awesome machines.
Lots of great information! Definately not going to put a loader on. Good info on the decks. Not sure I need the autoconnect, but the drive over would sure be nice. The 60" is a beast to get slid between the wheels!

Thanks everyone!
Don't forget to consider the X739 if you have lots of trees to mow around. It's a gasser but I can mow a tight around a 5 gal bucket with the 54" deck .
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I need to try that on my X739! I can almost mow tight around a power pole which might be a hair smaller than a 5 gal bucket.
Don't forget to consider the X739 if you have lots of trees to mow around. It's a gasser but I can mow a tight around a 5 gal bucket with the 54" deck .
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2 years ago I did the same exact upgrade, moving from a 445 to an x758. I cut about 6-7 acres in a 2 week time span and it has been great. Plenty of power, smooth ride, nice cut, sticks to hills like glue, very stable. I had the 60” on the 445 and wasn’t sure about going to the 54” on the x758, but in reality I found it to be a non-issue. The HC deck on the x758 handles grass so much better than the 60HD did that I can just move at a much faster clip to cut. So even though I went down in deck size, I still cut my mowing time down. Though I recently picked up a commercial front 72” 4wd Kubota to be used as my main mower, so I will be moving on from the x758 in the very near future.

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Uncut circle spec:
x734, x739, x754 with 60" HC deck is supposed to be 6"
x730, x738, x750, x758 with 60" HC deck is supposed to be 28"
X758 all the way. I don't have autoconnect and it only takes 1 minute longer to hook and unhook. But I only take mine off once a year for annual cleaning. The rest the time I use a hoist to raise it up to change blades.
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